• MUSIC: LOCRIAN "Chronoscapes" from END TERRAIN

    MUSIC: LOCRIAN "Chronoscapes" from END TERRAIN

    There is a new LOCRIAN album coming out.

    More info:

    "Experimental metal trio LOCRIAN are a prophetic voice of decline and a pioneering force in the world of metal. LOCRIAN’s sonic tapestry weaves elements of black metal, ambient, and experimental music, creating a genre-defying experience that pushes the boundaries of conventional metal norms. Their new album “End Terrain” set for release on April 05, is the proper follow-up to 2015’s “Infinite Dissolution” (Relapse Records) and continues in the vein of LOCRIAN’s distinguishable sonic blueprint brought forth from said release along with such albums as the Relapse Records released “Return To Annihilation” and “The Clearing/The Final Epoch”. 2022 saw the return of LOCRIAN making their return on their Profound Lore debut “New Catastrophism” which saw the trio explore and return back to the more experimental side of their roots.

    “End Terrain” is the group’s most direct and concise work to date. More complex and layered than anything in the prolific trio’s catalog, “End Terrain” is a concept album exposing a vision of a future earth consumed by waste. An apocalyptic landscape, inhabited by a generation who despise their parentage and a dying breed fully aware of the wasteland they have left. Mountains of trash and an uninhabitable planet, endless and dead. End Terrain is about inertia and regret, about the future and a mirror to the present, about mourning and extinction.

    A seamless and harrowing blend of experimental, post-rock, and post-metal, “End Terrain” is the perfect manifestation of modern, forward-thinking experimental music pushed to a maximalist conclusion.

    In the ever-evolving realm of extreme music, LOCRIAN stands as a testament to the power of artistic exploration. Their geographical spread mirrors the expansive sonic landscapes they traverse, cementing their status as trailblazers in the avant-garde metal scene.

    releases April 5, 2024

    COVER ART: Chris Dorland


  • MUSIC: LOCRIAN "Solar Lodge" EP

    MUSIC: LOCRIAN "Solar Lodge" EP

    My band Locrian have announced the release of a new EP, “Solar Lodge,”.

    The EP consists of Locrian’s re-imagination of Coil’s “Solar Lodge” along with remixes of Locrian’s version of the track by Paul Riedl (Blood Incantation), TV-CRIMES (from Domes, a member of Fulci), and Jonathan Canady (Deathpile & Shadow Structure).

    André Foisy of Locrian commented: “In 2022, we started looking back to the roots of our project, specifically our mutual interest in experimental, avant-garde, and ambient music. This examination of our foundation as a group led us back to our shared respect for Coil in how they expanded sonic boundaries and explored unconventional themes. From 2014 through the last time we played live in 2016, we closed our live sets with a cover version of “Solar Lodge.” Last year, we recorded our take on that track, a song that alludes to the Coil’s interest in exploring hidden dimensions of consciousness.”

    released December 1, 2023

    Artwork by Elijah Burgher




    Over on my sale site, which contains years of work going as far back as 2003, I am holding a sale to help get some older work out of my studio and flat file. There are a few more recent paintings and sculptural editions on there as well.

    Use code BLACK23 and receive 15% off.


  • NEW EDITION: Phosphene

    NEW EDITION: Phosphene

    3D Printed Glow in the Dark PLA
    7.5" x 5" x 4"
    Edition of 6 (5 Left)

    > Modelled after Foxglove
    > Each edition comes in an 8" x 6" x 5" box w/ silver tissue and numbered edition card

    $100ppd (US) / $125 (World)
    Message to work out payment.

  • Model Turntable: Phosphene (Forthcoming Edition)

    Model Turntable: Phosphene (Forthcoming Edition)

    A little turntable video of a new edition.

  • EXHIBITION: MORE SOUND than lemons

    EXHIBITION: MORE SOUND than lemons

    Some of my 3D printed sculptures will be exhibited in "MORE SOUND than lemons" at the FRANKLIN in Chicago, IL

    Curated by Frank Vega
    Featuring: Cesar Lopez / Hyeseul Song / Julian Tyus / Mariana Noreña / Terence Hannum

    EXHIBITION opens 09/30 2-5pm

    "Calling attention to fragments and often overlooked materials, the artists in this exhibition excavate new possibilities through ephemera, creating preservative systems of contemplation. Morphing diverse materials, locals, and procedures, these artists create a fresh domain of autonomy. These artists blend traditional and innovative processes going in and out of the static vessel of tradition. Through abstract strategies, these works navigate and exhaust natural material stability. Creating permanent containers, these artists present the viewer with fragmented elements that contextualize and reevaluate our perception of local ecosystems, providing us with new adaptable possibilities. These compositions break through the surface, reconsidering current norms, functions, presence, and permanence. The conversation between artist and object, humans and things, allows us to confront and amplify voices that deal with contemporary culture and notions around what requires preservation."


  • NEW EDITION: Before Decay

    NEW EDITION: Before Decay

    “Before Decay”
    3D Printed Transparent PLA
    With wall mounting pin
    Edition of 5 in 8”x8”x4” black box

    4 Available.

    Order here

  • NEW EDITION: Whorl

    NEW EDITION: Whorl

    3D Printed Black PLA
    Edition of 7 (4 left)

    In black 5”x5”x5” box with black packing and authentication sheet.

    I am very excited to announce my first 3D Printed Sculptural Edition, I have been planning a set of multiple for a while. This is the first that I have felt worked, and there will be more down the line, including some wall mountable pieces and outdoor pieces.

    For now this is a piece I modeled in Mudbox, based off of the psychoactive datura flower - also known as belladonna or jimsonweed. Perfect for your bookshelf or desktop.




    Sat. 06/17 2-6pm

    Message for address.

    See new work, and purchase older pieces many are available on this site: terence-hannum.square.site/s/shop



    I'll have some 3D Printed sculptures in the MARYLAND STATE ARTS DIRECTORY TRIENNIAL EXHIBITION at Maryland Art Place

    Thursday, May 18 | 5 pm - 9 pm

    On View:
    Until Saturday, June 24

  • Model Turntable: Seeking Oblivion

    Model Turntable: Seeking Oblivion

    I modeled these mutated datura flowwers in Mudbox before printing them in translucent 3D filament.

    Made to be mounted to the wall my idea was to begin destroying botanical accuracy and allowing the forms to shift and mutate.

  • Work in Progress: Revenants

    Work in Progress: Revenants

    Ongoing installation involving glow-in-the-dark filament (PLA) on Makerbots. Growing every week.

    Featuring a model I made in Mudbox of the bloom of Datura truncated at different angles.



    This weekend is a SPRING SALE over on my sale site.

    Use code: SPRING and receive 15% off anything in the shop at check-out

    Pictured: "Valediction" / oil on canvas / 12" diameter / 2021
    (Featuring hemlock)

    Message me with any questions, payment options.